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Construction safety focus on scaffolding

During scaffold erection • Scaffolding is erected /dismantled ‘sequentially’ to control risk of falls to scaffolders. • Persons (other than scaffolders) are prevented from accessing incomplete scaffolds eg warning signs and barriers. • Exclusion zones are maintained during scaffold erection activities. • Co

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Choose the right scaffolding for construction

Productivity and safety are the most important things when looking at the right company to buy your scaffolding from, the sanctity of life will always have the edge. Still, the erection process, the ability to get that tower up quickly and relocate it by initiating an equally fast disassembly procedure, does come a close se

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It’s that time of the year again! working in hot weather conditions

Message from Master Builders Association - Members are reminded that employers should take a sensible risk based assessment approach to employees working in hot weather conditions. Temperatures are expected to rise in the coming weeks and over the summer period, prompting the need for businesses and workers to work safel

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