Construction safety focus on scaffolding

During scaffold erection
• Scaffolding is erected /dismantled ‘sequentially’ to control risk of falls to scaffolders.
• Persons (other than scaffolders) are prevented from accessing incomplete scaffolds eg warning signs and barriers. • Exclusion zones are maintained during scaffold erection activities.
• Compliance with No Go Zone (NGZ) requirements where scaffolding is erected, dismantled or in use near overhead power lines. Including compliance with ‘Permit to Work’ requirements issued by the power distribution company. For example: hoarding boards / shade mesh to be secured to the scaffold as a barrier.
• Engineering approval is obtained where shade-mesh or hoarding is affixed to scaffolding.
• For complex scaffolds, design drawings are supplied by the scaffold supplier and scaffolding is erected in accordance with it. Scaffolding safety
• Scaffolding provided is, and remains, safe, fit for purpose, stable and complete. This includes ensuring: − there is an appropriate footprint for scaffold to be erected − it is constructed on a stable surface or solid ground that is capable of bearing the imposed loads − where required, appropriate ties or other means of stabilisation are used. • Safe and clear access and egress is provided to all working platforms eg clear access to ladder / stairs.
• Scaffolding is protected from impact by mobile plant, vehicle traffic and isolated from unauthorised users and the public.
• Where appropriate, toe boards/ kick boards and mesh is in place to prevent objects from falling.
• Damaged planks and components are removed or replaced by the scaffold supplier or licensed scaffolder.
• Scaffolding is only used for the purpose for which it was designed.
Note: Scaffolding used for demolition work should be no less than heavy duty class.

Choose the right scaffolding for construction

Productivity and safety are the most important things when looking at the right company to buy your scaffolding from, the sanctity of life will always have the edge. Still, the erection process, the ability to get that tower up quickly and relocate it by initiating an equally fast disassembly procedure, does come a close second. Monaco Global are the market leaders with steel and all scaffolding and formwork accessories. They, reinforce safety while modularizing the work to speed the growth of the platform. The structure also sticks to a trade-specific assembly methodology, in that the form the framework takes is dictated by function and profession.When planning a specific at-height work strategy, scaffolding for construction usage accounts for a hundred different elements, including the choice of galvanized quick-lock structural components and the employment of licensed workers who can bring these elements together in the most efficient and safe manner.