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Concrete Formwork Accessories & Hardware 

Product Overview 

Monaco Global manufacture and supply a complete range of Concrete Formwork Accessories & Hardware to compliment our range of Formwork Equipment. Our product range is continually updated to keep abreast of changes and improvement in the industry

Coil Tie System 

The Coil Ties System consists of 4 components :

  • Coil Tie
  • Coil Ties have 2 opposing wire struts which are welded to a steel coils at each end of the coil tie.

  • Coil Tie Bolt
  • The Coil Tie Bolt is a coarse threaded bolt with a hexagonal head and fixed washer.

  • Coil Tie Cone
  • Plastic Coil Tie Cones are screwed to each end of the coil tie so that the coil tie is recessed back from the face of the concrete.

  • Plate Washer
  • The steel Plate Washer is fixed against the timber walers and held in place by the Coil Tie Bolt.

This system is used to accurately space the opposing formwork shutters apart to achieve the dimensional thickness of a concrete wall. Once the concrete for the wall has been poured and the formwork removed, the Coil Tie Cones are removed. The Coil Tie remains in the concrete.

Other Coil Tie System Accessories :

  • Coil Tie Threaded Rod
  • This has the same thread as the Coil Tie Bolt. It is supplied in 3.0m lengths and can be cut to size.

  • Coil Tie Wing Nut
  • The Coil Tie Wing Nut is a double wing cast steel nut used with the Coil Tie Threaded Rod.

  • Coil Tie Cone Remover
  • Designed for the removal of Coil Tie Cones.

  • Concrete Plugs
  • Concrete Plugs are used to plug up the hole left by the Coil Tie Cone and produce a recess finish to the concrete.

Coil Tie: 150mm to 600mm in increments of 25mm
Coil Tie Bolt: 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm & 550mm
Coil Tie Cone: 12.5mm, 25mm, 37.5mm, 50mm
Plate Washer: 125 x 100 x 8
Z Bar System 

The Z Bar System is a high load tie system which consists of 5 basic components :

Z Bar: Z Bar is a hot rolled, high tensile steel bar available with a nominal dia. of 15/17mm. It is used in high load situations for wall formwork ties and features a high speed thread allowing wing nuts to be fitted and removed quickly.
Z Bar is also available in a cold rolled steel bar with a nominal dia. of 15/17mm and has a lower tensile rating than hot rolled Z Bar.
Single Arm Wing Nut: The Single Arm Wing Nut is a cast steel nut designed for quick installation and removal. The single arm helps to prevent the nut from unwinding caused by vibration of the concrete.
Plastic Conduit Cone: The cones are fixed to each end of the plastic conduit to recess the conduit back from the face of the concrete. They are removed after the concrete is poured.
Plastic Conduit: The Plastic Conduit is used for the easy removal of the Z Bar. The Plastic Conduit is supplied in 3.0m lengths and cut to size to suit the concrete wall thickness.
Plate Washer: Steel Plate Washer 125mm x 125mm x 10mm is fixed against the timber walers and held in place by the Single Arm Wing Nut.
Other Z Bar Accessories
Swivel Wing Nut: Combination washer and nut. The nut swivels on the washer providing extra adjustment.
Cast Nut Washer 100mm: Fixed nut with 100mm circular washer.
Cast Nut Washer 130mm: Fixed nut with 130mm washer.
Hex Nut 50mm: Can be used in place of Single Arm Wing Nut.
Hex Nut Coupler 100mm: The Hex Nut Coupler is designed to join 2 lengths of Z Bar. Each bar needs to be screwed up to the middle of the coupler.
Double Arm Wing Nut 20/22: The Double Arm Wing Nut is used with 20/22mm Z Bar.
Water Barrier: The Water Barrier is used as a water stop to prevent leakage through the tie hole. It is left in place after the concrete is poured.
Steel Cone Nut: The Steel Cone Nut screws directly onto the Z Bar and is removed after the concrete is poured. The Z Bar is not recoverable.
It is available in 75mm and 100mm long

Soffit Spacers

Soffit Spacers manufactured from galvanized sheet metal and bent at right angles to produce a strong spacer designed for walls and slab setdowns.

They are available in sizes ranging from 150mm up to 600mm in increments of 25mm


Bullet Head Nails

Monaco Global supply quality Bullet Head Nails for most formwork applications. 2” & 3 “ nails are supplied in plastic tubs to prevent rusting.

Sizes and range are as follows :

Item Description Type Qty per Tub/Pack
2” Nail 50mm x 2.8mm Bullet Head Bright Finish 15 kg
3” Nail 75mm x 3.6mm Bullet Head Bright Finish 15 kg
Fillet Nail 30mm x 2.0mm Bullet Head Bright Finish 5 kg

Collated Gun Nails

Monaco Global Collated Gun Nails are suitable for use with most nail guns. They are supplied in packs of 3000 with or without fuel cells.

Item Description Type Qty per Tub/Pack Fuel Cells
2” Nail 50mm x 2.87mm D-Head Collated 3000 3
3” Nail 75mm x 3.06mm D-Head Collated 3000 3
2” Nail 50mm x 2.87mm D-Head Collated 3000
3” Nail 75mm x 3.06mm D-Head Collated 3000
Fillet is used to produce chamfers in concrete edges and for drip grooves in concrete slabs. Monaco Global supply 25mm fillet in Plastic & Timber. It is available in 2.0m, 2.8m & 3.0m lengths.
Form Repair Plugs 
PVC Form Repair Plugs are used to patch holes drilled in plywood sheets. Two (2) sizes available :
Size To suit hole dia.
17mm 16mm
21mm 19mm
Galvanised Adjustable Column Clamps are used to form square and rectangular columns. Fully adjustable, they are quick to assemble and dismantle using metal wedges supplied with the system.
Type Length
1 750mm
2 1000mm
3 1400mm
Column Steel Beams are used as walers or strongbacks in place of conventional timber and LVL. They are designed using back to back steel RHS which are separated by a small gap. This allows a Z Bar to be used as a tie to hold the opposing beams apart. Sizes available :
Type Length Finish
CSB140 1400mm E-Galvanised
CSB160 1600mm E-Galvanised
CSB180 1800mm E-Galvanised
The galvanised steel Fixed Form Bracket is designed to support timber edgeboards to form a rebate at the edge of concrete slabs on ground.
Construction Joint Mesh is a perforated steel mesh which is used for sacrificial formwork for pour joints in slabs and walls.
Type Width Length
Construction Joint Mesh 450mm 2200mm